Culture & Values

“Friendly, professional and fun with a good work life balance” is how our staff describe our culture.

If people enjoy what they’re doing, they do it better. So at Accru we strive to make work fun, as well as challenging and rewarding.

Friendly, professional, fun

We pride ourselves on being a great place to work. If you join Accru, you’ll find:

  • Colleagues who are very friendly, get along well and help you out when you need it
  • Plenty of good spirits, smiles and laughter
  • Social events and fun activities happening regularly
  • Support, training and mentoring to help you excel
  • Close contact with partners and staff.

Our partners and managers encourage open communication, fairness and flexibility. Whether it’s your career aspirations, study pressures or a desire to work overseas, you’ll find people to talk to who will support you if they can.

To get more insight into our culture, read some of our team’s personal stories here.

Putting our values into practice

Our culture is built on three simple values:

  • Support our clients
  • Support our staff
  • Support our community.

We continually put these into practice by encouraging:

  • A passion for delivering excellent client service and helping our clients succeed
  • Individual growth, by making the most of opportunities
  • Good relationships built on open communication, mutual respect and personal accountability
  • High performance that is recognised and rewarded
  • Diversity in people, skills and ideas
  • Giving back to our community
  • Minimising our impact on the environment.

Strength from diversity

With around 200 staff from over 20 different nationalities, different generations and social backgrounds working together, Accru is a very diverse workplace.

We understand that talent comes in many packages, and it helps us hire the best. Our people’s diversity is a key business strength and brings us many benefits:

  • Different viewpoints, skills, experiences to devise innovative solutions and adapt to new situations
  • Increased creativity and problem solving as each person brings their way of thinking to a task
  • An open minded approach to new processes that profits the whole team and our clients
  • Language skills which help us compete globally and communicate with our international clients.

Is Accru for you?

If you think Accru is for you, take a look at our latest vacancies here.

Accru in the community

Accru is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Find out about the community and environmental projects we support here.

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